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Linen jewelry

Linen and semi precious stones are good company to our “Cosy Homes” concept, that every piece should be original, modern, minimalistic and not very expensive.

Art exhibition “Fragments”

We collaborate with young, promising artists and Salomėja Jurėnaitė is very dear and special for us. She is the student of Art Gymnasium, Kaunas, but also very fluent in English and Japanese. Her field of hobbies is very wide – photography , aikido and others. In her art she tries to find connections between Japanese and Lithuanian cultures. “Fragments” is the first her solo exhibition, but we hope not the last one. Drawings, sketches, prints are created in Lithuanian Folk Museum.

Vase “Bird”

Subtile vase “Bird” can become perfect vase for sweets or Your jewelry. Anyway, it would decorate Your interior or (and) become perfect gift!

Clock “Happy hours”

Please count your time stylish! We are sure that this beautiful clock perfectly decorate Your room or office! It is special, that magnets can change their places, so every time the clock will look differently! The most popular product of “Cosy Homes”!

Silk jewelry

Unique, hand-made eco printed silk neclaces are very special, beacuse every is beautiful and different. Colours – as in nature, fresh pastels.

“Lucky Horn”

Lucky Horn is our scuplture, our talisman of hapiness and success. We are not selling it! you can meet our Lucky Horn in our “Cosy Homes” and say hime “Hello”. He will meet You at the entrance of our cosy homes.