New Year with new activities!

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

We created few educations which we can present in English:


1. Creative linen workshop

We will show how linen is made using XIX century tools. What is called “Suffering of Linen”?

Why Linen is called “Silk of the North” and Linen plant – “Women’s crop”?

Education together with snacks and Lithuanian herbal tea.


2. Japan in the cup of tea

Education – degustation of 5 different sorts of Japanese teas which we have on our shelves.

Why tea is so important? Benefits to ones health. How to recognize good Japanese tea? How to make it properly?

Questions will be answered and light snacks served.


3. Secrets of Japanese beauty and good health

Together discover secrets of Japanese longevity and good health. Japanese tea and Asian diet.

Fermented food, probiotics and collagen. Philosophy of being useful and active.

Japanese tea and snacks served.


All questions will be answered on email or +37068552926.