On second week of new, 2022 year, we opened photo exhibition „Portraits of spring“ by Arvydas Kumpis. It speaks about power of spring, beauty of sakuras and temporal yet real joy. The author lived in Japan for one year and traveled around and collected many special views from Sun Rising Country. Preparation and waiting for blooming of sakuras starts since the first days of new year. People do treasure this precious tradition „To gaze upon sakuras“ while relaxing, chatting, making photos and being together. This is the tradition of togetherness. The exhibition will be opened till 31th of March 2022.
Just few weeks passed since new Ambassador of Japan Tetsu Ozaki arrived to Lithuania. We are happy to welcome Mr.Ozaki with his wife to our „Cosy Homes“ space on 10th December 2021. Ambassador showed great interest in linen culture and our activities in building friendship bridges between Lithuania and Japan. We hope and trust that our efforts and activities will grow into numerous results and many more Japanese people will know about Lithuania, Kaunas and Chiune Sugihara and will become great friends of our country.
New exhibition of graphic art -Saturday, September 18, 2021
Welcome to new open graphic art exhibition by young, talented graphic artist Adelė Bražėnaitė. She uses linocut and woodcut techniques and her characters mainly from Lithuanian folklore – songs, poems and fairy tales. Art pieces looks very simple, naive, but full of details and symbols.
We are happy to announce the arrival of the new charity of culture project „Lino-Furoshiki for Rugute“! Under the leadership of Mrs. Yuko Yamasaki, the wife of Ambassador of Japan in Lithuanian, together with group of volunteers, under the inspiration on ancient Japanese custom Furoshiki, we created new product Lino-Furoshiki, the first time Furoshiki made from Lithuanian top quality linen.
Best wishes for New Year from Cosy Homes! -Wednesday, December 30, 2020
Dear Friends, We would like to thank you all for this year! Without you, Cosy homes wouldn't be the same. This year was challenging but also rewarding. We are not the same after this year! We wish you all to have childlike heart that we would find much surprises around as children. And also to see with our heart. To help others and thus next year would be even more rewarding!
Second birth of old unique handicrafts -Wednesday, August 19, 2020
Probably all of us in our cupboards have old treasured handicrafts from our great-grandmothers, but alas, we are not able to use them, as they do not fit our measures or are damaged. We can offer service of re-creation of your old treasures into something new you might use every day.
Visit of Ambassador of Hungary -Tuesday, June 30, 2020
We are very honoured by visit of H.E.Ambassador of Hungary Mr. Gábor Diczházi, Economic Atache Mr.Peter Schmidt and Honorary Consul of Hungary in Lithuania Mrs. Ilona Jocionisne-Meszaros. Our guests were very interested in Linen Way workshop, about our family business and also about our cultural activities. With deep interest we discussed about heroes of Hungary and Lithuania – Mr.R.Wallenberg and Mr.Ch.Sugihara, who both saved thousand of lives during WWII.
We are very happy that our dream came true with help of our friends and colleagues. We cordially thank to Marina and Eduardo from Milan, to Pukmuse group and students from Vytautas Magnus University.
Painting Exhibition „Intertexts“ -Saturday, May 16, 2020
New exhibition of paintings by Dalia Traškinaitė will be opened on 29 of May in Salon „Cosy Homes“. Most of paintings are created during past three years and for the first time opened for public with the promise to record or to fix her own remarks on canvas or even on cardboard boxes. Exhibition will be opened till 27 of August, 2020.
We are happy to present very promising artist Kristina Paulauskaite and her personal exhibition of ceramic art „From tomorrow“. Every sculpture tell the story about our universe, in each we can see connected humans, trees and animals together, showing strongly we all are connected. More than this, these art objects also enter into the world of technology – when you come closer, some of them start shining or sing as birds. Our universe is in one object of art. Maybe this is true function of the art? To show us how interesting and also complicated our life is. Exhibition in our Shop „Cosy Homes (Jaukūs namai) will be open till 31th August, 2020.