Painting Exhibition “The Earth is Waking Up"

2022 m. rugpjūčio 7 d., sekmadienis

We invite to visit painting exhibition "The Earth is Waking Up" by Justina Puidokaitė.

Painter Justina Puidokaitė believes that every plant has its own character. A biologist who dreamed of becoming an artist for more than fifteen years has become an exclusively floristic subject. She draws inspiration not only from brightly colored flowers, but also from the paintings of old Flemish and Italian masters.

The native of Vilnius studied old techniques in the Mecca of Art - Florence, at the Palazzo Spinelli Restoration Institute. Justina called the city, which had a special aura, but appeared harsh to her, cold beauty.

You are welcome to our Salon to visit this exhibition till 31th August, 2022.

All artworks are for sale.