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Salon „Cosy Homes“ (Jaukūs namai) established in 2007, in historical Šančiai district, former military town of Russia Tsar, built in the beginning of XX century.

Red, hand made brics, hight ceilings, nice arches make that place very cosy. We needed only to fill it with exclusive products, nice ideas and lovely people.

Everybody, who comes to visit us says, „It‘s really cosy homes!”. You don’t feel like in usual shop, but here time pace begins to slow down and you can truly dedicate yourself for searching of special gifts to your dear ones.

We are very happy to welcome all Kaunas people, but also do our best that every guest from abroad would feel in Kaunas, and of course in all Lithuania, as in his or her cosy homes.

We invite to visit painting exhibition "The Earth is Waking Up" by Justina Puidokaitė. Painter Justina Puidokaitė believes that every plant has its own character. A biologist who dreamed of becoming an artist for more than fifteen years has become an exclusively floristic subject. She draws inspiration not only from brightly colored flowers, but also from the paintings of old Flemish and Italian masters. The native of Vilnius studied old techniques in the Mecca of Art - Florence, at the Palazzo Spinelli Restoration Institute. Justina called the city, which had a special aura, but appeared harsh to her, cold beauty. You are welcome to our Salon to visit this exhibition till 31th August, 2022. All artworks are for sale.
Linen ambassadors in New Zealand -Sunday, August 7, 2022
Artist, who recently moved to New Zealand from the UK , decided to cover all his windows with sheer Lithuanian linen curtains, which would add cosiness to his lovely house viewing to the fjord. We asked to measure his windows and discussed the design. All curtains were transported packed into carton box. We are happy that all were pleased by the result. Location: Auckland, North Island, New Zealand.
On second week of new, 2022 year, we opened photo exhibition „Portraits of spring“ by Arvydas Kumpis. It speaks about power of spring, beauty of sakuras and temporal yet real joy. The author lived in Japan for one year and traveled around and collected many special views from Sun Rising Country. Preparation and waiting for blooming of sakuras starts since the first days of new year. People do treasure this precious tradition „To gaze upon sakuras“ while relaxing, chatting, making photos and being together. This is the tradition of togetherness. The exhibition will be opened till 31th of March 2022.
Just few weeks passed since new Ambassador of Japan Tetsu Ozaki arrived to Lithuania. We are happy to welcome Mr.Ozaki with his wife to our „Cosy Homes“ space on 10th December 2021. Ambassador showed great interest in linen culture and our activities in building friendship bridges between Lithuania and Japan. We hope and trust that our efforts and activities will grow into numerous results and many more Japanese people will know about Lithuania, Kaunas and Chiune Sugihara and will become great friends of our country.