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Salon „Cosy Homes“ (Jaukūs namai) established in 2007, in historical Šančiai district, former military town of Russia Tsar, built in the beginning of XX century.

Red, hand made brics, hight ceilings, nice arches make that place very cosy. We needed only to fill it with exclusive products, nice ideas and lovely people.

Everybody, who comes to visit us says, „It‘s really cosy homes!”. You don’t feel like in usual shop, but here time pace begins to slow down and you can truly dedicate yourself for searching of special gifts to your dear ones.

We are very happy to welcome all Kaunas people, but also do our best that every guest from abroad would feel in Kaunas, and of course in all Lithuania, as in his or her cosy homes.

Šančiai Gift Avenue -Sunday, November 24, 2019
Let us introduce You new map of Gift Avenue in Šančiai district, where Salon Cosy Homes is located. We are delighted to introduce other boutiques and lovely bakeries in our historical Šančiai buildings and hope that you will find lovely Christmas gifts to your beloved family members, friends and colleagues. While you will be walking from one shop to other like in old good times, you will see beautiful renovated architecture from red bricks and also enjoy fresh air as our district is located by the river Nemunas. Please come to say hello to each of us!
Visit to Japan -Sunday, November 24, 2019
Asta, the Director of Salon Cosy Homes (Jaukūs namai) and JSC Kimono visited Japan in September. It was her 6th visit to Japan. The purpose of it was to participate in Gift Show of Kansai region, to meet clients and to show new articles. Besides beeing business trip, this was also a trip of frienship. Asta is honorary member of Japanese –Lithuanian friendship Assosiation, based in Tokyo. It was big honour to visit JALFA headquarter and the the President Mr.Mizuno and Embassy of Lithuanian in Jaan and meet Ambassador Mr. G.Varvuolis. It was big joy to visit Jewish shelter place during WWII Kobe and also ancient Japanese capital Kamakura.
Linen way presented to Ambassador of Japan -Wednesday, August 14, 2019
Do not be surprised if you meet special guests in our Shop! You can often hear English, Japanese, Russian, German or French languages under our roof. One morning of August we have been visited by very special and dear guests - Ambassador of Japan Mr.Shiro Yamasaki and his wife Mrs.Yuko. We told and showed them all linen story and taught how to make linen thread from linen plant. Our guests were deeply moved to see how much pain should linen endure in order to become thin fabric, called the Silk of the North!
The house-warming party of our Salon „Cosy Homes“ we celebrated on 30th of May, 2007. Interesting, that 30th of May is the Day of St.Petronella, the Saint who is believed caring for flax. Twelve- special number. Twelve months, twelve Zodiac signs. In the twelfth year of „Cosy Homes“ we created special hero who is bringing good luck, Lucky Horn, who is sitting near our doors and greeting everybody coming. It‘s ceramic statue, but we created him name of Lucky Horn and now he lives his own life and we believe in his big future. The creativity brings much success, freedom and happiness. We believe that new era of happiness to our lifes and to our store came with Lucky Horn. So, we decided to celebrate our twelfth anniversary. To invite our dear friends, supporters, colleagues, all who are like backbone to our „Cosy Homes“. We spread red carpet to our dear guests and to each gave special linen gifts. We enjoyed the music of the flute and warm speeches. Was very cosy and special. We felt as one big „Cosy Homes“ family. Thank you all, dear friends, for your support, ideas, time and energy! You are special and wonderful! Please visit us more often and we promise make and create something very special for you!