“KIMONO” enterprise celebrates it’s 30th anniversary

2023 m. balandžio 27 d., ketvirtadienis

On May 18th, 1993, Dalytė Kavaliauskienė established individual enterprise KIMONO. Daughter Asta joined in 2000, taking part in various international exhibition with KIMONO exclusive linen products.

In 2007 we established Salon COSY HOMES, which became really cosy place with it’s unique character, friends, clients, concerts, exhibitions, educations.

We are really happy and honoured that first who congratulated us with Jubilee, was the wife of Ambassador of Japan, Mrs. Harumi Ozaki. Together with Mrs. Kae Sugiyama and Mrs. Chieko Nakaoka they presented the Art of Japanese Calligraphy and tought us how to write our names in Japanese Katakana.