Lino-Furoshiki Charity Project – the Bridge between Japan and Lithuania

2021 m. vasario 13 d., šeštadienis

We are happy to announce the arrival of the new charity of culture project „Lino-Furoshiki for Rugute“!

Under the leadership of Mrs. Yuko Yamasaki, the wife of Ambassador of Japan in Lithuanian, together with group of volunteers, under the inspiration on ancient Japanese custom Furoshiki, we created new product Lino-Furoshiki, the first time Furoshiki made from Lithuanian top quality linen.

With this project we are contributing „Rugute“ Charity Fund, which cares for children sick with cancer.

Eight months ago we packed the present in lovely linen laced tablecloth, because wanted to show interesting and new and caring way of package. Not long after, when discussed with Mrs. Yuko Yamasaki, we found that linen could be perfect for Japanese Furoshiki, which in Japan is made from cotton, silk or polyester.

We know that Furoshiki is almost symbol of Japan as Kimono, Mt.Fuji, Matcha or Origami. Every Japanese know how to tie and to pack using Furoshiki cloths.

Furoshiki is square piece of material and can be from small (50X50cm) to bigger (90x90cm).

The ways of using Furishiki are many from packing gifts, to carying products and protecting them. More so, we also suggest Lino-Furoshiki to use as linen tablecloth, napkin or scarf.

Mrs. Yuko Yamasaki created FB page for Lino-Furoshiki community, please join it!

If you like Lino-Furoshiki, you can order your Furoshiki set by writing us an email.

Thank you for supporting Rugute Children Cancer Fund!